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Our technology is called ROCKIT. ROCKIT will revolutionize and support the trend of digitizing the delivery of complex applications such as video games, complex 3D visualization tools, CAD/CAM applications and much more. Instead of waiting as long as several hours for a full download plus installation time, users of our technology are able to start applications in full quality without any latency after only a small fraction of the total download.


The following table illustrates the test results obtained by ROCKIT when applying our technology in various large applications, such as blockbuster video games.
Speed comparison – Time to install and launch the application at 24 MBit/s
Application Standard Image Size ROCKIT Image Size Conventional Download ROCKIT Launch Acceleration Factor
RedBull AirRace
5.390 MB 889 MB 30 min. 5 min. 6
Anna’s Quest
Daedalic Entertainment
1380 MB 179 MB 7.7 min. 1 min. 7.7
Rayman Origins
2.422 MB 71 MB 13.5 min. 0.5 min. 34.6

How it works

The technology’s monitor analyzes the original application and delivers an optimized data package. This optimization yields significantly smaller delays between download and launch in comparison to conventional compression algorithms. After downloading just a few percent of the application it can be launched in full quality and is capable of interacting locally with a native user experience. This procedure does not require access to the the application’s source code.

Learn more

Selected users may access our demonstration site. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to participate in our test program.

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