IT Security


Today nearly every business has an internet website or uses the internet to transmit data. In the physical world, break-ins and burglary attempts are readily noticed after they occur. Security gaps can be closed quickly.

Break-ins and thefts are usually much more subtle in the digital world. Hackers often maneuver around company networks in silence, remaining undiscovered for months and sometimes years. This can lead to misuse of sensitive data and existential damage to any company and its reputation.


DACS acknowledges the fact that no 100 % security exists, however our services simulate realistic hacker attacks and will protect your business to the fullest extent possible.

Our ethical hackers are able to deliver the most up-to-date IT security tests, as they are in constant exchange with relevant forums. Our solutions are mainly open source and not as expensive as industrial pre-fab solution packages sold by system providers. DACS concentrates on realistic testing and best-practice solutions that do not need to be expensive in most cases.

All vulnerable areas of our clients´ IT infrastructure are evaluated systematically in four phases:

  1. Definition und documentation of the testing goals and targeted solutions,
  2. Agreement on test scenarios, in detail,
  3. Testing under various, verifiable guidelines in accordance with our jointly defined work agreement and
  4. Reporting and presentation of a potential security concept for a continuously high level of security

DACS IT security tests are unique and proprietary. At a minimum our tests achieve and reflect OSSTM/BSI standards.

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