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We serve the automation of large-scale IT infrastructures. Our solution is based on concepts that cover both heterogeneous (data centers) and homogeneous (high-performance computing) environments within a unified approach.

It has been designed to address scalability issues of large-scale computer centers of today and tomorrow. Therefore, various novel, light-weight and massively scaling network protocols have been developed.

Our approach is decentralized and, thus, there is no central point that can act as single point of failure or bottleneck. Our server management solution aims at simplifying the IT infrastructure management drastically without giving up control over details. Highly optimized apps (“Bundles”) are available to roll out IT services onto any small or large-scale IT infrastructure in a very short time.


Our server management solution has been developed to allow computer centers to operate with significantly higher stability. This is achieved by:
  1. simplifying management,
  2. introducing self-consistency and
  3. utilizing state-of-the-art algorithms to ensure perfect scaling behavior.

The user can spin-up IT services by selecting predefined bundles from a repository. These bundles have been highly optimized with respect to scaling, secure backup/restore, and load-balancing.

Such advanced settings usually require weeks of development and testing when used with conventional approaches. With our product they can be rolled out within minutes.

Our new dependency handling provides the consistency of all IT services. When modifying settings, all relevant updates of dependent bundles will be automatically triggered. Our decentralized approach works efficiently for small, medium-size, and large-scale IT infrastructures. It is not necessary to manually monitor (and, if necessary, upgrade) the resources.

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More information about our technology can be found on Registered customers can access the  wiki to obtain additional technical details and support.

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The closed-beta version of our server management solution is currently distributed to universities and institutes in Germany by our HPC partner  Megware, Germany´s largest HPC distributor. Feel free to contact us if you would like to test it.

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