Gemmantics Framework

Our deployment and management technologies have been formulated in a generalized approach and implemented in our unified cross-platform Gemmantics Framework. Thus, our products can be easily applied to roll out a huge variety of applications, such as video games on PCs or fully featured IT services in data centers.


The Gemmantics Framework is based on the open-source, high-performance, general-purpose, cross-platform C/C++ SxAccelerate framework. It provides all relevant technologies required to perform state-of-the-art application deployment.

The framework consists of a highly optimized module hierarchy dedicated to simplifying:

  • cross-platform kernel module development,
  • development of advanced network communication protocols,
  • providing efficient cross-platform services (daemons) with particular low memory footprints,
  • generalization of cross-platform file system operations and
  • data flow operations.

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